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"/i/ - Oekaki" is 4chan's oekaki board for drawing and sharing art.

Saw this on /b/ post was gone before I could repost

I dunno if it's a troll post or what but, I figured regardless if it is or isn't I am either making some one happy or happy being trolled.
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Draw how you felt today
how you're feeling right now

It doesn't have to be a picture of you, just make a character expressing that emotion
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NSFW Dump Thread

This is a thread for deliveries for the NSFW requests submitted in /a/, /co/, /v/ and any other request centered drawthreads on other boards. In light of the increased moderation on the SFW boards, the goal of this thread is to provide a safe space for artists to post NSFW material from other threads.

Previous Thread: >>568634
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No title

post your waifu and i will draw a beard on her #3
last thread: >>524909
sister thread: >>557936
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What is "junk"?

Saw this one rule. Says quality over quantity, but what does that mean? No group images in one picture?
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[s4s] drawthread

181 images | 261 replies

OC Thread #18: Original Characters Edition

last thread: >>574617
Welcome to the Oekaki OC Thread! Post and talk about your original characters!
Please be polite and courteous to other posters! Inquiring about other's characters is always encouraged!
This is a place where you can talk freely and openly about your characters, so don't be shy!
Please remember to ignore and hide all shitposters (and avatarfags. It's against the rules, you know.)

This thread's theme is Original Characters. Do you have a character? Is it original?

Let's get drawing, Oekaki!
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dabbing and 4chan tan thread

A thread for all boards to get art.
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/i/ General Drawthread

>>565538 Old one autosaging

This is the /i/ community drawthread. Post requests and artists do requests, anyone can join in.

Try limit any reference pics to one post so things aren't cluttered.
Requesters request things you'd actually like to see, and drawers, nothing low-effort simply for the sake of low-effort, please.

enjoy yourself
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I'll draw your OC/Character in mspaint!

Just as the title says, send a character my way and I'll sketch it out for you! though, I can't guarantee it'll be the cleanest drawing.
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Drawthread deluxe

alright, that's it. I'm taking requests.

keep it sfw pls, and if you're bored and looking for something to draw, why not do a trade with me?
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No title

Hello! I need some practice, so i would appreciate some requests. I guess i like drawing fantastic creatures and weird situations.
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The thread in which I draw stuff

Feel free to join in and we'll all draw together.
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No title

What hairstyle do i give her my dudes?
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No title

I Fall In Love To Pass The Time
There is nothing special about this thread,. There are no prompts, requests, special challenge, or anything. You simply post some of your art work and people look at it sometimes.
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No title

gimme ur OCs to doodle
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Doesn't matter how good or bad, what style it is etc, just keep it under ten minutes
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No title

the fastest moving thread on /i/!
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No title

I just got my first drawing tablet for Christmas, Huion H640P. Tell me what to draw and I'll draw it.
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No title

how do i begin drawing? what do i practice? i just dunno where to start
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triangle boi
in my universe this is the main villain
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No title

Constructive critesism plis
12 images | 28 replies

No title

Doodle dump
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No title

moot, pedobear, long cat, yotsuba, nigra, anon, everything 4chan related goes here
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No title

Try drawing a pizza.
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No title

>tfw I can't draw
12 images | 17 replies

Mouse draw thread

No winners here
Only carpal tunnel
43 images | 57 replies

No title

hate myself
ITT: short dumb comics you made, post em boys
16 images | 20 replies

No title

Whats better /i/ncels

Graphic Tablet or a Drawing pad
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Lets Design a Character v2.0

Lets create a character
answer the questions here
and at 11pm PST tomorrow, (about 27 hours after the posts creation) ill tally the votes and make a character based on the results

(also feel free to suggest things that i can add to future votes.)
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No title

funney man :^)
8 images | 8 replies

bad nsfw thread

requests or post ur own idkkk
13 images | 22 replies

Enter the oekaki

Start new thread.
23 images | 39 replies

No title

As the title says, you say me what to draw and I do it. I'm open to waifus, Ocs and fanservice.
151 images | 251 replies

Completed Artworks

Post your most recently completed Artwork and its name (if applicable ) Mine it's "Who Drank the Moon? "
31 images | 59 replies

No title

Draw goats.
20 images | 28 replies

No title

Post what happens next
New image every day
39 images | 219 replies

let's draw dogiz

Draw your dog
27 images | 37 replies

No title

hi, welcome to my thread!
22 images | 61 replies

Blogs, Post ‘Um

Hey guys! Anyone have a blog or a tumblr? Share here so we can see each other’s work. I just started a new one here updating Pokémon sprites:
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No title

I'll Draw your OCs in MSpaint...i you want
106 images | 163 replies

Art Dump

posting here to observe and study the art i create, enjoy.
28 images | 32 replies

Gondola thread

Send some gondolas, or spurdo Spurdo Spärde, that is all.
206 images | 281 replies

Rng girls club!

let's draw some randomly generated girls, /i/

make a girl here:
82 images | 124 replies

ITT demon girls

They can be full demon, half demon, or have demon parts within em
14 images | 22 replies

SFW request general

Request niggas 2 return of the giga nigga.jpg
Absolutely no lewds can be shared here. It is physically impossible, so don't even try. This is the /i/ community drawthread sfw edition. Post requests and artists do requests, anyone can join in.

>post art
>post requests
>no fetish autism

Previous: >>540113 (Cross-thread)
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No title

Show your best eyes Anons.

Pic is my sketch book
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No title

What was being a digital artist before the 21th century like?
1 images | 14 replies

Post your Easter art here.

4 images | 6 replies

SFW Request General

Absolutely no lewds can be shared here. It is physically impossible, so don't even try.

>post art
>post requests
>no fetish autism

Previous: >>540113
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98' Paint

Only chads use windows paint 98'!bH4wGAqZ!BYGkkzx64vByuY6zJMACcvUemiMDvG3_4XMhe-Fimqc
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No title

The longest winless streak in 4cc is finally ready to be broken. Show your support.
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No title

sexy cat moot thread
8 images | 23 replies

Mouse Only Challenge

Draw a character from a video game you play using your mouse. Bonus points for drawing in paint. Here's Thatcher from R6S
9 images | 9 replies


Draw some spooky fellows.
25 images | 30 replies

Social Drawing Site
Anyone know any good ones?
pic related is
52 images | 96 replies

WIP thread

what are you working on right now OwO
79 images | 133 replies

Draw toothy monster

too much cute get mad draw toothy
43 images | 56 replies

No title

Posting drawings, need some constructive criticism (anatomy, proportions, perspective, gesture)
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Let's do even MORE bait-chan's porn cuz PORN!

First honorable one thousand days thread
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No title

I've been eyeballing one of these for a little while, and just got notiifed that they were on lightning deal.

20% off the normal price is the lowest it's ever been, so I'm wondering if I should just pull the trigger on it now.

Are these a good brand for a (budget) drawing tablet? I already feel guilty enough spending the money, but I'm wondering if it's even worth it. I am a name-brand whore and only trust Wacom, but I'm not sure if I'll ever spend $1,400 on a similar sized tablet.

Is Huion actually good or does it wreak of CHINA?
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No title

Aheago anime girl icon
post ur pixel art
pic related is old shit
84 images | 126 replies

Draw a bloody worm

Open ms paint or whatever!

Draw a cartoon worm or real one.

Draw your worm!!
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Epoch giving thumbs up
This is a character in my upcoming webcomic, Epoch. What do you think of it?
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What is /i/ - Oekaki?

4chan oekaki how to
/i/ - Oekaki is a board that allows you to draw in the browser itself. It has a "Draw" button below the submission box which fires up an online drawing tool for you to draw. Drawings created with it will appear with the filename "tegaki.png" on the file info.
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pikachu is hard to draw

let's draw pikachus

dont just copy the reference thats cheating
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No title

what is this art-style called? i see it sometimes here. ms paint veteran drawfags here make them and it is based. i just want to find pics like that on google easier that's why I ask.
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angry dog

angry dog
i drew an angry dog for 4chan and also to help with my alexithymia
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No title

lewd boys
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OC Thread #17: Diecisiete Edición

last thread: >>573305
Post and talk about your original characters!
Please be polite and courteous to other posters!
This is a place where you can talk freely and openly about your characters, so don't be shy!
Please remember to ignore and hide all shitposters, including avatarfags.

This thread's theme is "Día de la Soga Para la Sirvienta". If you have pretty dresses of Spanish origin, put them on! Face paint is good, too.

¡Vamos a dibujar, Oekaki!
87 images | 311 replies

ded thread

i'm going to try to draw every day

feel free to participate. you should sage any posts after the first so that this doesn't camp the top pages
27 images | 35 replies

No title

draw fighting game characters
5 images | 8 replies

Spooky artwork general

Post all of your scary art. The scarier, the better.
20 images | 24 replies

I finally finished my game,check out the intro

5 images | 59 replies

belly rolls

Post your sketches of chubs
0 images | 0 replies

Candida Auris destroyer of worlds

Candida Auris outbreak
Alright /i/diots, make this fungus into a cute hug-able anime girl.
I know you'll me me proud, now discuss.
10 images | 14 replies

Hairy thread

Post your drawings featuring characs with long hair
Plus for girls with pubes
13 images | 32 replies

Getting softer?

So, lately I've been feeling atracted to draw soft, ambiguous faces, like if I were getting some kind of "Araki's Syndrome" (jojo's autor, he changed from drawing big muscular guys to slim model-like characters) since like 80% of my drawing are morbid stuff, demons and things.
This is my third attemp on drawing with a softer artstyle and maybe slightly carttonish artstyle.
So... what do you guys think? Is it good? Bad? Or I'm just turning gay?
1 images | 8 replies

manga draw by panel

hi guys lets try a game manga
you can draw if you quick a panel and make story
line and the one who came after complete the story
>>note before draw
49 images | 82 replies


9 images | 11 replies

love love art

my friend drew me and was wondering if /i/ could draw me in their own styles from evil to etc
3 images | 9 replies

No title

fractal ultimate
Fractal thread
2 images | 6 replies

dumb homemade gifs

this is pretty dumb www
I am nothing but wasted potential
show me some dumb gifs you've made
89 images | 158 replies

Need to practice drawing more

I've been in a little bit of an artistic slump lately, so send me some requests and I'll draw them in the morning please! I'd appreciate no nsfw requests. My favorite things to draw are interesting ocs & exaggerated expressions!
24 images | 45 replies

No title

attempt porn with only the circle tool
7 images | 11 replies

WIP/Delivery Thread

Anon was very nice today so I drew his waifu
Organized thread for posting all the deliveries, WIPs of deliveries, and drawings you made for threads/topics.
3 images | 4 replies

No title

too much cute on here, lets draw some fat and ugly bastards
6 images | 6 replies

Draw Yui Hirasawa

Heres my picture of yui I drew, now you guys use tegaki to draw her.
32 images | 42 replies

Maid thread for Maid posting

I've been drawing images near daily now and posting them in another thread. But since I don't want to clutter it up with my mess, I decided to make another one.

Draw a maid if you wish as well.
56 images | 87 replies

Elf Girl

hey could draw my oc here’s a picture of her ><
1 images | 3 replies

lain animation

i think it came out interesting
2 images | 6 replies

No title

Homor, inheriting the unfit to survival genes of the original Homer Simpson, becomes the weakling overweight link in the new brand species that is the Simpspicies
After the sun washed away life on the surfice, america's favorite matriarchal society of cave dwellers must rely on the physically superior females for hunt while the male cares for the young
4 images | 6 replies

No title

the path
Draw a character from the last anime you watched (or from the last manga you've read)

Previous: >>497857
125 images | 181 replies

No title

come draw with me
0 images | 2 replies

No title

draw yourself as a pepe?
111 images | 161 replies

No title

Have you ever designed a weapon or an armor?
2 images | 2 replies

No title

7- Pensativo
My pixel art is good? And how i can upgrade my art?
3 images | 10 replies


draw a vidya character PURELY from memory without looking it up
preferably something you actually don't remember/haven't seen in a long time

used to play earthworm jim as a kid a lot and just remembered that he fucking exists, no idea if i got it anywhere close but i think that's how he looks
132 images | 180 replies

No title

Grindhouse Template
How the fuck do you draw with a mouse?
The only reason I keep using this drawing is because I can't draw anything else.
3 images | 6 replies

No title

Let's draw some flat chests or really small breasts on busty female characters.

It's something of a visual experiment, I guess.
172 images | 274 replies


ITT we post bionicl
57 images | 107 replies

No title

10 more years of reibear
9 images | 40 replies

Me Do Color Requests So I can get Mojo back

Hey this is round two, been almost a full year since I last done this so Im doing it again because I need a reason to not rot in my room.
I check thread once a day, and can only post on weekeneds, ONLY FINISHED REQUESTS LINKD TO OP. I will do my best to make sure i look for everyone.

What is Allowed, ONLY READABLE SKETCHES, If it has too many open spots or undefined portions I might not touch it
Monster girls, Some anime, Girls from Games, lewds nsfw r34 Humans, Only furrys from games, Pokemon and sfw

No gay stuff, No hyper cocks, No Futa, No Traps, No out there fetishes, no shit or piss,
Chubby is ok but Overly fat No.

Hope to have a ok time again, got a bit heated but still some nice people last time
63 images | 142 replies

No title

2 images | 3 replies

OC Thread #16: I want to take her home Edition

related pic
Last thread: >>570819
Post and talk about your original characters!

Can't do anything about the dramakikes or marielx, just don't give them (you)s.

No prompt, let's get drawing!
8 images | 24 replies

draw a bear

15 images | 18 replies

comic thread

I'm gonna draw my mango in this thread
4 images | 4 replies

No title

draw yourself in ms paint
36 images | 51 replies

Rate my art

I drew this for the fuhrers birthday
1 images | 7 replies

Pepe uh

I Made this

What are your thinking about?
1 images | 4 replies

give ocs to draw

just for tonight im buzzed on too many energy drink
67 images | 109 replies

Paleoart and Dinosaurs

Post prehistoric critters
8 images | 13 replies

Draw this in your style

4 images | 8 replies

im fuckin here again help me

ay what's fuckin good /i/ im free from college and i now want to rot inside my house and draw all day
so now i'm back here yay

if you want shitty doodles for your requests, then shoot.
i'll do nsfw requests if it tickles my fancy.
55 images | 130 replies

NotQuesty: Tale of Twin Dragons Thread I

They deleted my thread off /qst/ so I guess I'll move here.

Give suggestions on how the story should continue...

Story so far:
1 images | 18 replies

No title

can I post my comic on here?
8 images | 54 replies

No title

6 images | 10 replies

Pornhub teases Tumblr takeover to restore former adult content ‘glory’

Pornhub wants to buy Tumblr and reverse the microblogging site’s recent controversial decision to purge adult content from its pages. The website has seen a flop in traffic since removing porn posted by its users.

Verizon is reportedly preparing to sell Tumblr, and Pornhub VP Corey Price told BuzzFeed that his company is “extremely interested” in acquiring Tumblr and is “very much looking forward to one day restoring it to its former glory with NSFW content.”

Though Tumblr was not designed to be an adult content site, it evolved into an online space where erotic content and a range of sex positive communities thrived. However, this openness backfired after child pornography was found to have slipped through Tumblr’s filters and was posted on the site, prompting the company to pull their app for a month in November while it dealt with the problem.

Tumblr then saw a massive drop in traffic after it announced it was banning all adult content in December.
1 images | 6 replies

Anybody wanna draw vectors?

Looking for an Anon who can redraw this logo in vector lines in Illustrator or Photoshop.
Would do it myself but caught a dumb eye infection and I can't do precesion work.
The colors won't be needed, I only need the lines in vector.
Name your reward as long as its realistic and not money.
1 images | 4 replies

Lip mans funny me!

I put little eye an nos on render mouth give me keks!
1 images | 2 replies

OC Thread #16: Gang Shit Edition

last thread: >>570819
Post and talk about your original characters!
Please be polite and courteous to other posters!
This is a place where you can talk freely and openly about your characters, so don't be shy!
And please remember to Ignore/Hide all shitposters.

This thread's theme is Gang Shit. If you've got a crew, a clique, a gang, a guild, a band, or any other word for group, draw em and talk about em!

Let's get drawing, Oekaki!
101 images | 320 replies

SFW Request General

Absolutely no lewds can be shared here. It is physically impossible, so don't even try.

>post art
>post requests
>no fetish autism
157 images | 297 replies

No title

ITT: we draw sexy bananas
112 images | 230 replies

No title

let's draw some pigs! oink oink
16 images | 22 replies


I love sanics so allow us to generate some more.
2 images | 3 replies

Sites for inspiration and study?

Not sure where to post this question. Basically, suggest any place(not discussion-oriented imageboards preferred) where one explores and finds new artists of digital medium.

I recentely realized that daily browsed r34/e621 sites are perfect except for nsfw:
>Design is solid
>Simple score system is robust and effective
>Posters don't have to be the authors => more content(mostly with author credits)
>The quality is actually good because it's tricky to draw appealing and decent stuff
>Arts are clearly made by mature and experienced people

I don't aspire to draw NSFW myself but some pics there are just really good for studying style, anatomy etc. I just want a place where art is just as good and I don't look like a degenerate watching animals fuck.
2 images | 7 replies

i made an animated gondola comic

planning on using this as unofficial lore for a video game i'm building with a couple frens
20 images | 23 replies

Drawfriend’s Requests

Request what you will. I may draw exactly what you want, I may do something entirely different. It could be amazing. Or, it could be the worst garbage you’ve ever seen. A stick figure. Who knows. This is like a horrible version of Russian roulette only the bullets are drawings and the gun is me.

( I have returned, I am not ‘a’ drawfriend I am in fact, the Drawfriend. May your requests bring us all joy. )
51 images | 89 replies

JoJo Fan Stands

Let's see some of your Stands.
It can be based on the whole album or a song.
13 images | 25 replies

No title

First time on /i/, anyone have tips for a n00b? Unwritten rules, in-jokes - I dunno if you guys willingly share that stuff with a newbie but I'd really appreciate it. I've been learning to draw in my spare time and while nothing's good enough to show imo I'd love to get some general pointers.
0 images | 8 replies

No title

56 images | 65 replies

Tracing Qts

Tracing cute girl is fun
6 images | 21 replies

No title

/I/ quick! finish my shitty drawing...
7 images | 12 replies

No title

do you like my stardust crusaders drawing?
0 images | 3 replies

No title

Hey guys!

I'm gonna buy a 2in1. I can't decide on screen size. What is your experience with 2in1s? 13 seems too small, but I imagine taking it with me and drawing everywhere, but it's small? 15.6 seems too heavy, but screen space :) Obviously I'll use it for other things too (3d art, video editing, programming, shit posting), but the drawing aspect is most important.

Also if you have any other insights to consider
2 images | 6 replies

No title

Post your own stuff... and... characters, backgrounds, ... and ummm... just post whatever you want, I don't care anyways...
4 images | 5 replies

Add stuff to this ball

You see this circle?
Keep adding stuff to it till it become too crowded then draw new shape and repeat
8 images | 12 replies

No title

getting back into drawing
1 images | 3 replies

No title

draw anime
3 images | 3 replies

No title

What the fuck is up with this side of the head? I've spent so much time trying to get it right but I can never seem to get it consistent or even looking good.
1 images | 2 replies

Ancient history of /i/

Let's remember the olden days with a bunch of stuff I saved from back then...
149 images | 253 replies

No title

36 images | 57 replies

Meme Prompt Thread

Draw your character / OC like this, either holding a gun like this, their fave weapon, or something random.
6 images | 9 replies


post cute
4 images | 5 replies

Steampunk Theme Thread

I'm back to draw steampunk things for you. SFW+NSFW.
44 images | 111 replies

No title

I don't know how to draw, but I feel like drawing, so I'm taking requests and making them with bad art
16 images | 35 replies


so i made up protagonist but lost the ability to draw him what do i do?
0 images | 1 replies

No title

Hey let’s get some O M I N O U S stuff going
3 images | 3 replies


post anime
2 images | 2 replies